Option One: Traditional Unconditional Auction
A Timed Online Auction is where on the fall of the gavel the buyer pays a 10% deposit (subject to a minimum of £4,250) and exchanges contracts immediately.
The buyer is legally bound to purchase and the seller is legally bound to sell.
Completion then happens within 28 days.
Option Two: Conditional Deadline Sale
On the fall of the gavel, the buyer places a £4,250 non-refundable deposit with A&G Ltd. and agrees to exchange contracts within 28 days. They then have with a further 28 days allowed for completion.
Selling a property via usual private treaty is renowned for being stressful due to the uncertainty of the outcome.
An A&G Deadline Sale combats this by offering a no nonsense and effective method of selling with customer satisfaction being paramount.
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Benefits of Selling with A&G:

Experience - Over 180 years operating as a leading Auction House.
Maximise Sale Price:
Achieving the maximum price is key. Strategic marketing and pricing entices serious proceedable buyers to accumulate in one place and encourages open and direct competition, resulting in the best price being achieved.
Access to Specific Purchasers:
Auction will usually attract a variety of buyers who are able to move quickly on a purchase. The A&G auction options are designed to accommodate both private residential buyers as well as appealing to cash ready buyers and serious investment buyers. Our established database of these types of buyers allows you immediate access to ready and able purchasers and our block viewings help in heightening interest.
Quick Sale:
An auction provides a guaranteed deadline sale and transfer.
A reserve price is set prior to sale so that the property cannot be sold below that specific figure.
Fixed Sale Price:
On the fall of the gavel the sales price is set and is then non-negotiable. Selling by private treaty often results in purchasers trying to renegotiate a price after survey results on a property and in the worst scenario pulling out of the sale. In the current market, “gazundering” is becoming more apparent and this is a situation where a buyer, a few days before the move, calls the Estate Agent and advises that unless the seller is willing to reduce the price, they will pull out of the sale. They are really playing with people’s emotions.
The successful buyer places a non-returnable financial deposit. If the buyer withdraws from the sale they will forfeit this deposit.
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